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How to hire a part 107 drone pilot

If you need a part 107 done pilot and drone services. You are in the right place. We have been fling over ten years and its true when we say we are #1 in NYC. We are the first drone company every right here in New York City. There are other services out there that offer aerial photography and video, some use full size aircraft, some use remote aircraft. The remote photography realm is filled with some professionals and many hobbyists. Be sure to you're getting a professional. Asking for a copy of the insurance certificate is a way to further insuring you are getting a safe professional. Also be sure to see high resolution photo samples and HD video samples to ensure clear vibration free media. Here at SkyDroneUsa we are fully insured with years of experience, you may also view our high quality HD Video and Photo gallery here.

Most Aerial Photographers / Videographers who use full size aircraft only are professional and you are getting the best service but full size aircraft have certain benefits and certain limitations. They need much more altitude and more space to operate safely. They can disturb the filming environment and the neighbors. We can operate almost anywhere! If you want to fly up close to a subject, down a tight street or need to fly in an area impossible for a full sized helicopter. SkyDroneUsa makes that unique shot possible with our Remote Helicopter Flying Camera System.

So you might be thinking to yourself why should I choose SkyDroneUsa over another aerial service provider? Simply put...we are experienced professionals that deliver results when you want them. Here are some other points to note.

Optional Photo Corrections and Retouching
We properly correct all photos for color and any other undesirable imperfections. We can even remove objects that are undesirable.

In House Video Editing
For clients who simply want an aerial video from A-Z.

Safety Is Our Top Priority
Regular Aircraft Maintenance.
Professional  Industry Standard Equipment.
If the weather is bad, or if other hazards exist we don't fly until the issue is corrected.

Up to 360 Degree Panoramic Photo Capability
We can shoot up to 360 degree panoramic photos and custom edit into a Panotour!

Live video feed and optional LIVE HD Broadcast via Drone
See what the helicopter is shooting live on a screen when we are flying via our LCD ground station. Broadcast live on to television with the drone.

Instant Results, no refueling trips.
Receive your media on the spot as needed... and there is never a need to fly away to go get gas!

We Got Your Back!
If another flight is needed, that's no problem since we are right there with our customers during each photography session.


Advantages of Drones For Aerial Video and Photos

Full Sized Manned Airplane Vs. Remote Helicopter / Drone
What about full size manned aircraft? These are great for high altitude shots where closeness is not an issue. If you want a low altitude shot or close up shot of any subject that may be impossible if its under 500 feet. Its is also be against FAA regulations to fly under 500 feet (depending on the area). Full sized aircraft with out a camera nose mount also have very limited 360 shooting full panoramic photography. We can also fly full sized manned helicopter or airplane if your needs require it.

Our drone can land and take off almost anywhere safely and perform up to 360 panoramic shots if needed. We can fly and land right at your location with in minutes. Its much more fuel efficient and earth friendly to use remote aircraft then full size aircraft especially with the cost of fuel. The photos and videos from the remote helicopter are far more intimate and closer to the subject than the full sized plane showing more detail and a very unique point of view. People often ask.. how did they do that shot? There are also places where full sized planes can not fly due to airspace limitations. We can fly almost anywhere provided the airspace is clear.

With a full sized aircraft you do not get to see what is being filmed until after it is complete unless you are on board.. Reviewing on board gets expensive too since you are in the air! So you land and review, if you don't have it guess what? Back up you go! With us you get to see it LIVE as its being filmed via our LCD display ground station, and review it safely while still on the ground, once we review if we need to go back up its not a big deal since we can land and take off right on location!

Its Greener
What aircraft requires more fuel to fly.. on that weighs 20 pounds or 2000 pounds?
Full size aircraft produce thousands of pounds of CO2 and other green house gasses each time they fly. Our carbon footprint is literally thousands of times smaller. This gives some bragging rights to a production to mention how much fuel was saved, especially for green productions. This is a win / win for everyone.

Where we fly
East coast and beyond. Serving the New York, New Jersey Area Locally, from Coast to Coast, and around the world.