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High altitude media by traditional helicopter and lower altitudes by unmanned aerial vehicle.

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TV, Commercial, Production Drone Videos

Drone Reel & Edited Videos

Behind The Scenes

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Photos Of Our Drones 

Inspire 2 Drone Gallery

Aerial Photography Gallery

360 Aerial Photography Virtual Tours



 Drone / UAS / UAV / Photos


Introducing the game changer
DJI Inspire 2 with X5s Camera + Apple Pro Res Cine DNG 5.2k

Inspire 2 Aerial Video Drone

Hollywood Grade Video With Inspire 2 with up to 5.2k video

Inspire 2 for rent pro res cine DNG New York X5s

DJI Inspire 2 X5s Apple Pro Res For Feature Films, Commercials, Television

DJI Inspire 2 Apple Pro Res Cine DNG




SkyJib X8 Heavy Lift Drone



 SkyJib With Red Camera - Camera Interchangeable



360 Hero Aerial Video Rig On SkyJib for 360 Degree Virtual Reality

SkyJib With VR Drone RIG




  Inspire 1 with X3 Camera 4k

Inspire 1 Drone with X3 Camera

DJI Inspire 1

The Mavic 4k


The Mavic UAS With Integrated 4k Camera


The Mavic Low Profile Drone


Drone Aerial Video Demo Reel

A Decade Of Aerial Media In Under 60 Seconds - SkyDroneUsa Drone Reel

SkyDroneUsa Previous Aerial Video Reel

SkyDroneUsa Drone Aerial Previous Reel Revisited

Las Vegas Nevada Aerial Photography -  Drone Pilot

Resort Aerial Video Tour - Rosewood Mayakoba Resort Rivera Maya Mexico

Fordham College at Lincoln Center - Fordham University Aerial Video! NYC

Princeton University Drone Remote Aerial Video Tour - New Jersey

Remote Aerial Video Tour Gordon College Boston Massachusetts

Solar Panel Installations Drone Video

SkyDroneUsa On Good Morning America Plus Drone POV!



TV, Commercial, Production Drone Video Reel

Here is just a few of the Original TV Commercials and other projects.

Latest Project: New York Lottery Pac Man TV Commercial


Superman Man - Man of Steel 2013 - For Lego we provided a special gyro camera mount
with custom mount to make superman fly! Low altitude shots filmed via RC Drone.
High altitude shots were filmed in a manned helicopter.

Optimum Online TV Commercial With Drone Brooklyn New York

TV Commercial we worked on with Hugh Jackman (Two opening scenes)

Close Range Aerial Scene from ABC Show "The Zero Hour" Brooklyn New York

TV Spot For Nickelodeon - Halo Awards Billboards

Las Vegas Tourism Commercial - Quick Aerial Of Belllagio Water Fountain!
(For behind the scenes video on this go here)

Johnny Walker Commercial In Yankee Stadium - Quick Aerial Of Baseball Point Of View
(For behind the scenes video on this go here)


Old Helicam Videos
These old videos are from 2007- 2010
We no longer use this system, it is now obsolete.
This is how we started over a decade ago with out a gyro


Old Helicam - The Arden House - Harriman, New York - 4000 Acre Estate - HD *


Old Helicam - The Inn At Lake Joseph - Upstate New York *


Old Helicam - The Big Apple - New York City Helicam HD *



360 Panoramic Aerial Photography

Virtual Tour Panorama Interactive Flash 360 Elevation Future Views

Also known as a View Study or Elevation Future Views. This is mostly for developers or real estate agents who
 wish to use a powerful new marketing tool by utilizing drones to show what the view will look like from particular floors
yet to be constructed. We measure altitude and position precisely to help a look into the future. Most Panotours
below contain more than one altitude. Use the thumbnails to see the views from different floors.

Hold down left click and scroll with mouse to see full 360 degrees.

Spherical Panoramic Aerial Photography

Spherical Panoramic Aerial Photography - Boston Massachusetts
(look up and down)

360 aerial virtual tour
West side New York at Sunset on the Hudson River - Hudson Yards

Uptown Manhattan low level 360 aerial with map

360 aerial virtual tour

Panoramic aerial photography Lexington Ave Midtown Manhattan

360 aerial photography future views
2nd Avenue 360 degree panorama aerial photography New York City

elevation aerial photography drone
Los Angeles California - Ocean Ave at Santa Monica Blvd Condo Future View Floor 15

East 23 Street NYC - Condominium Aerial Elevations

Nassau Street Manhattan Downtown Elevations - Views into Brooklyn Dumbo

Downtown Miami Panoramic Future Views SE 1st ave Florida

Broadway NYC Incredible 360 Panotour

West side Manhattan 77 street - View from penthouse to be..


Drone Aerial Photography

Click on image to enlarge. Some images may need to be scrolled.
A few high altitude images taken from manned helicopter.

Also be sure to visit our updated Aerial Photography Gallery

Infrastructure, Engineering, Architecture, Construction & Development Aerial Photography

Please here to view our updated aerial photography gallery on our new website


Real Estate Drone Aerial Photography

Please here to view our updated aerial photography gallery on our new website