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High altitude media by manned helicopter and Lower Altitudes by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / UAV Drone

FAA Compliance: We comply with FAA regulations for commercial & non-commercial operations. More info..


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 Helicam / Multicopter Photos


  800 Multirotor Flying Camera Platform (shown above)
Featuring the first sub pixel camera stabilization available in the remote market
Based around the amazing Sony NX-5N HD camera.

This flying machine produces the some of the smoothest rock solid 3 axis gyro stabilized videos of any remote machine currently available on the market. The stability of the footage rivals that from a full sized helicopter! Yes its true! Amazing camera films aerial video at 1080p 60fps AVCHD and lens is fixed at 16mm for optimum results. This craft can be used for films, TV shows, commercials, real estate, universities, corporate videos, or any one who needs aerial media. Operated by a single pilot with ease or with a separate camera pilot for more complex gimbal control enabling us to film at  any angle from any 3 dimensional point in space. Recommend video frame rate 60fps and can later be reduced later in post production. This multicopter has live wireless video feed for pilot and separate live video feed for camera man and director.




Coming Soon! Fly with rock solid stability and sub-pixel gyro accuracy many popular cameras!
Including The latest Canon 5D, The Red Epic, Black Magic, FS100 and more! Introducing the super redundant heavy lift SkyJib.
(shown above)



Remote Aerial Video Demo Reel - Years 2012-2013
(Most Videos Posted Filmed with Sony NEX-5N / 16mm / 60fps)


SkyCamUsa On Good Morning America Plus Drone POV!


Resort Aerial Video Tour - Rosewood Mayakoba Resort Rivera Maya Mexico


Las Vegas Nevada Aerial Photography UAV Drone


Fordham College at Lincoln Center - Fordham University Aerial Video! NYC



Princeton University Drone Remote Aerial Video Tour - New Jersey


Remote Aerial Video Tour Gordon College Boston Massachusetts


No Audio Screener from University of Pennsylvania - Drone Tour From Philadelphia
**Final TV Spot below in TV and Commercial Reel





TV & Commercial Video Reel

Here is just a few of the Original TV Commercials and other projects we have worked on, that we can get access to.
Aerials Within. More coming soon.



Superman Man - Man of Steel 2013 - For Lego we provided a special gyro camera mount
with custom mount to make superman fly! Low altitude shots filmed via RC Drone.
High altitude shots were filmed in a manned helicopter.


Close Range Aerial Scene from ABC Show "The Zero Hour" Brooklyn New York


TV Spot For Nickelodeon - Halo Awards Billboards


Las Vegas Tourism Commercial - Quick Aerial Of Belllagio Water Fountain!
(For behind the scenes video on this go here)


Johnny Walker Commercial In Yankee Stadium - Quick Aerial Of Baseball Point Of View
(For behind the scenes video on this go here)


Goldman Sachs - The Brooklyn Navy Yard Promotional Video - Aerials Within..


Previous Helicopter Platform Videos This Section - Years 2007- 2010
We no longer use this system, it is now obsolete. No Gyro used on videos marked below *

SkyCam1 Remote Helicopter on a TV Commercial Set in Yankee Stadium Bronx New York. 

Remote Controlled Helicam Previous Helicam Platform

The Arden House - Harriman, New York - 4000 Acre Estate - HD *


Golf Course 18 Hole Aerial Fly Over - HD (The Ace Club Philadelphia, PA) *


The Inn At Lake Joseph - Upstate New York *


* The Big Apple - New York City Helicam HD *


Superfund Environmental Clean Up Site - Upstate New York - HD *



* Beautiful Country - HD - Pennsylvania *



Baylor University Virtual Aerial Tour - Waco Texas *


Click the image below, then click on "Tour" on the lower left, they made it look like this was filmed via a large manned helicopter. Truth is that was just included for entertainment purposes, it was filmed all via remote helicopter with the exception about two higher altitude shots. This is a great alternative to SpiderCam or CableCam.



360 Panoramic Aerial Photography

Virtual Tour Panorama Interactive Flash 360 Elevation Future Views:
Latest style for 2013.
(contains several images at different altitudes use mouse to scroll and select each panoramic altitude)


360 aerial virtual tour
West side New York at Sunset on the Hudson River
Use thumbnails to explore other altitudes!

360 aerial virtual tour
Uptown Manhattan low level 360 aerial with map
Use thumbnails to explore other altitudes!

360 aerial virtual tour

Panoramic aerial photography Lexington Ave Midtown Manhattan


360 aerial photography future views
2nd Avenue 360 degree panorama aerial photography New York

elevation aerial photography drone
Los Angeles California - Ocean Ave at Santa Monica Blvd Condo Future View Floor 15



Previous Style of Standard Image 360 Future Elevation Future Views:
(contains one image at one altitude use mouse to scroll left and right)


360 Aerial Pano
New York City Harbor Aerial 360 Degree Panorama

Manhattan 360 Aerial Photo
Midtown Manhattan 360 Degree Panoramic Aerial Photography

New York City Midtown, Just Over Times Square - 360 Degree Aerial Photography from the top floor of a proposed building yet to be built.

New York City West Side 59 Street at the Hudson River - 360 Future View from the top floor of a proposed building yet to be built. Use this for your proposal!

Drone Aerial Photography

Click on image to enlarge. Some images may need to be scrolled.
A few high altitude images taken from manned helicopter.

Infrastructure, Engineering, Architecture, Construction & Development Aerial Photography
Stantec Train Bridge Minneola Long Island NY
Infrastructure Engineering - 1 of 2
Stantec Roslyn Rd Train Bridge Construction Project - 2 of 2
Architectural  Engineering Aerials West Side Highway Doka Climbing Roof Top Scaffolding Manhattan - 1 of 3
Doka Inc. Innovative Scaffolding Via Manned Helicopter Over Manhattan NYC - 2 of 3 Doka Climbing Formwork Scaffolding 37st and 5th ave NYC
3 of 3
new york harbor aerial photography Helicopter Photo Flight NYC
A Tug Boat pushing Large Barge Passes Underneath Brooklyn Bridge from New York Harbor - Mergrant Corporation United Nations Complex From Manned Helicopter
By Request, With Permission - 1 of 2
Great Photos
United Nations Complex From Manned Helicopter
By Request, With Permission - 2 of 2
Hospital For Special Surgery - Morgan Contracting Enterprises
East River at 71 st - 1 of 3
Hospital For Special Surgery Rooftop - Morgan Contracting East River at 71 st - 2 of 3 Hospital For Special Surgery Pouring Concrete - Morgan Contracting East River at 71 st - 3 of 3
Riverside Park  - Westside of Manhattan On The Hudson - For Thomas Balsley Associates Architecture - 1 of 2 Riverside Park  - Westside of Manhattan On The Hudson - For Thomas Balsley Associates Architecture - 2 of 2
ship aerial photos boat aerial photography
CSL This Vessel Aerial in New York Harbor. Ship is carrying tons of salt bound for NYC! - 1 of 2 CSL This Vessel Aerial in New York Harbor. Ship is carrying tons of salt bound for NYC! - 2 of 2

Real Estate Aerial Photography
Real Estate Home Property Aerial Photography
Long Island Home - 1 of 5 - Nassau County Aerial Photography
Real Estate Property Aerial Photography - 2 of 5
Real Estate Property Aerial Photography - 3 of 5 Real Estate Property Aerial Photography - 4 of 5
Aerial Photography
Real Estate Aerial Photography - 5 of  5 Fairfield Connecticut RC Aerial Photography
Lakeside Cliff Property Aerials - 1 of 2
New Canaan Connecticut Lakeside Cliff Property Aerials
2 of 2
Darien Connecticut - Connecticut Farm In Beautiful Fall
Developer Aerial Photos Commercial Aerial Photography
Pennsylvania Helicam Aerial Photography
Home Aerial Images
, Near Philadelphia
PA - Commercial Aerial Photographer - Pennsylvania
Aerial Photography Philadelphia
Atlantic City New Jersey
New Jersey Aerial Photographer
Atlantic City New Jersey Condo In Foreground
NJ - The Home Depot Near Linden New Jersey
West Palm Beach Aerial Photography Tequesta Florida Remote Remote Aerial Photography
Remote Controlled Aerial Photography In Florida
Real Estate In West Palm Beach Florida
Tequesta Florida Aerial Photography In Spring Time

Aerial Photography For Universities
(Also see our videos of Universities above)
Baltimore MD Halifax University
Maryland RC Aerial Photography - John Hopkins University Bayview Campus - Baltimore Maryland- 1 of 2 University Aerial Photography - Dalhousie University - Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Scenic New York Aerial Photography

Long Island Beach Aerial Coney Island
Remote Helicopter RC  Photography Hamptons Long Island New York - Suffolk County Historic Coney Island Aerial - Brooklyn, New York City
Brooklyn Bridge Pano
Brooklyn Bridge Aerial - New York City - NYC New York City Chrysler Building, Queens N.Y. In Background
High Resolution New York City Aerial Pictures
ZOOMED IN! Notice all the people on top of the Empire State Building In Manhattan!
Storm rolls in on the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Jersey City
Stormy Day in Midtown The Shape Of Apartments / Condos From Above
East Side Manhattan
Flying Over World's Fair In Corona Queens New York
(Flushing Meadows Park)
Beauty Shot Of Midtown, 2000 Feet Facing North West 

Scenic Photos Various U.S. States and Canada
San Fran California California RC Helicopter Film
Flying Over The Exploratorium - San Francisco California Pac Bell Park & Bay Bridge Panorama - California
Marina South Beach Florida Aerial
Beautiful San Francisco Marina Green Via RC Helicam Florida Aerial Services
South Beach Miami From Airplane - Winter Time
South Florida Remote Aerial Video and Photogrpahy Halifax Canada
Miami Florida From Above Autonomous Flying Over International, Canada
Lonely Island  Off  Cape Benton Nova Scotia Canada

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