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Drone Aerial Inspections is available as a powerful cost effective alternative to risking crew in some tight or other wise risky locations. Our specialized flying drone is capable of capturing high resolution digital images and video just feet away from the structure thus getting a close up view of the structure and any potential damage. This allows for a more accurate assessment with out the risk. It is a much faster and more efficient means of visually inspection than by any other means.

 Such application include but are not limited to:

- Cell Tower Inspection
- Hurricane or Storm Damage Survey
- Building Facade UAV Inspection
- Crane Inspection
- Smoke Stack Inspection
- Power Line Aerial Inspection
- Pipe Lines
- Wind Farm / Wind Mill Aerial UAS Inspection
- Roof top damage Inspection
- Solar Panel Inspection
- Refinery Flare Tip Drone Inspection
- Bridge Aerial Inspection
- Search and Rescue
- Insurance companies to inspect damage
- Any application requiring aerial video or still photography via remote drone


All our inspections include a live video feed so we can see live from the drone.

Client can receive still photos and/or video as final output on location.

UAV Drone Inspection Video Clip



Click on the thumbnails below to view the original high resolution images


Aerial Infrastructure Bridge Inspection

DJI_0626 DJI_0567
DJI_0565 DJI_0566

Aerial Inspection Building Facade

DJI_0437 DJI_0439
DJI_0440 DJI_0441

Drone Bridge Inspection

DJI_0580 DJI_0585
DJI_0607 DJI_0601
DJI_0596 DJI_0593
DJI_0604 DJI_0588
DJI_0617 DJI_0622
DJI_0612 DJI_0613
DJI_0614 DJI_0615
DJI_0616 DJI_0623
Cell Tower UAV Inspection

Crane UAV Aerial Inspection

DJI_0014 DJI_0015
DJI_0016 DJI_0270


Interior Drone Building Inspection Inside

Interior aerial inspection inside a building in Manhattan, New York.



Hurricane / Storm Damage Survey



Crane Aerial Inspection




Infrastructure Drone Inspections For
Solar, Oil, Wind, Fare Tip, Structural & More