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SkyCamUsa Aerial Media also specializes in Aerial Photography and aerial video for Solar Panel and Solar Array companies looking to further demonstrate and market their solar services. We have worked with some of the nations largest solar installation companies. Our custom remote controlled helicopter can capture overall aerial videos / photos of each solar installation from a unique perspective that's from above, but close enough to show detail.

Another advantage is we can take aerials of existing installations at clients locations WITHOUT disturbing your clients with a large manned helicopter or airplane buzzing over head. Our machine is small and silent and often goes unnoticed. The RC Chopper Cam can also show the unique point of view that high altitude photos don't. These solar aerial photos can also be used for a custom computer control panel map so users can control their array via a custom aerial photo on a touch screen. All video is recorded in High Definition... it looks amazing. Aerial Photographs are taken in high resolution digital format. Please take a look at our aerial video samples to see some of our work. Please contact us for a price quote if you are interested in obtaining aerial footage of your solar cell installation.


Solar Panel Drone Video Compilation



Riggs Distler Solar Array Aerial UAS Video New Jersey



 Solar Array Aerial Photography - Low Altitude Pictures