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University Aerial Photography

SkyDroneUsa Aerial Media also provides Aerial Photography and aerial video for Universities looking to show off their college campus to prospective students. Our specially designed drones can capture overall aerial videos and photos of the university campus. The UAV can also fly and show the property and architecture as it has never been seen before since it can access places and obtain unique points of view due to its small size.

The remote controlled drone has been used by Universities across North America including, Johns Hopkins University,  Baylor University, Halifax University, and Binghamton University. All video is recorded in High Definition so colors are crisp and vibrant, Aerial Photographs are taken in digital format. The final video can be used in a university production or in one we create for you. Please take a look at our aerial video samples to see some of our work. Please contact us for a price quote if you are interested in obtaining aerial footage for your college.

Universities we have flown for include

- Baylor University, Texas
- Indiana State University
- Philadelphia University
- Gordon University
- Johns Hopkins University, Maryland
- Binghamton University, New York
- University of Michigan
- Morgan University Baltimore Maryland
- Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Canada
- Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia Canada


Remote Aerial Video Tour Gordon College Boston Massachusetts


University of Pennsylvania by Drone - Aerial Screener - No Audio


University Of Pennsylvania Final TV Commercial


Remote Aerials for live sports! Indiana University College Football - Behind the Scenes from SkyDroneUsa on Vimeo.


Baylor University Aerial Tour

Location: Waco, Texas: To see the Aerial Virtual Tour follow the image link below, then click on "Tour" on the lower left, they made it look like this was filmed via a large manned helicopter. Truth is that was just included for entertainment purposes, it was filmed all via remote helicopter with the exception about two higher altitude shots. This is a great alternative to SpiderCam or CableCam.