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Complete Air & Ground Support Including Equipment and Crew

SkyDroneUsa Remote Helicopter
Camera Payload 10 lbs
Range: 750 Feet Horizontal
Extended range to thousands of feet with chase vehicle.

Flying Camera System
Gyro Stabilized all 3 axis - Tilt, Roll, Pan

Camera Formats
4k Camera

Wireless Video Assist 5.8 GHZ
Live Color Video Downlink from the helicopter in 16:9 or 4:3
Camera battery meter display
Record time remaining display
Record time index display
Legal FCC Video Transmission

Live HD Video Broadcast Via Drone Available

Flight Crew
One FAA Certified Drone Pilot Part 107
One Camera Operator
One Technical Assistant

Liability Insurance
Third party liability personal and property.
View Liability Insurance Certificate (password required)

Travel Arrangements
Determined on a job to job basis from New York,

The ability to fly unique flying scenarios. We have over ten years of professional flying experience.

Please see our FAQ page for more technical details.