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Interview with chief drone pilot of SkyCamUsa. PC Magazine.



David on WPIX Ch 11 New York Drone Pilot Interview On Live TV


SkyCamUsa on Good Morning America - First Drone On GMA



Dave Flying The R22 Helicopter Down Jones Beach!


Flying The Red Epic Camera Heavy Lift Multicopter



Behind The Scenes SkyCamUsa Helicopter Flying in Yankee Stadium For Johnny Walker Commercial On YES TV Network - 1 of 2

Actual TV Spot Here


Alternate Behind The Scenes View Flying In Yankee Stadium For Johnny Walker Commercial - Live View Monitor Shown - 2 of 2


► A few years ago were the good old helicopter days. Lets reminisce. Flying On the Las Vegas Strip Around the water fountain at the Bellagio Hotel To Show the water as its never been seen before for Nevada TV Commercial.  Actual TV Spot Here
(Flown With Police Permission and Hotel Cooperation) (By stander filmed this with mobile device)


Remote Aerials for live sports! Indiana University College Football


Gyroscopic Camera Mount Demo + 25 MPH Wind - Jersey City, New Jersey


Flying and filming in 25 MPH wind Demo with 3 axis Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount



Aerial Photography Session Over New York In A Manned Helicopter Rental



Interview with chief pilot of SkyCamUsa- How the insurance industry can benefit from drones. AmBest. (Flash based video does not show up on IOS)


Photo: David on the set of Kenny Chesney  Music Video "Seven Days"


Filming Deepak Chopra in NYC on the set of The Feature Film "Decoding Deepak" very enlightening.


► David Flying with Katie Holmes on the set of the Feature Film Days and Nights


► Again on the set of the Feature Film "Days and Nights" 2013 with Cherry Jones and Allison Taylor , David and Jimmy from SkyCamUsa.


►On the set at Indiana University with ultra mini hexacopter platform previous version 2012.


The good old days of large helicopters...  yea that runs on gas, the car too.


At Yankee Stadium on a tv commercial set, yea those were the days..


On the set at Baylor University using chase vehicle, one camera pilot and one heli pilot.


Volkswagen Commercial Shoot LA


Central Park - "The Fountain"


National Geographic - On the set of TV show "The Amazing Dr. Pol." Yea thats Dr. Pol and Jimmy on the right.


Trivia: How the heck did I take that photo below?

Answer: With a camera on a pole. How else Einstein?